San Antonio water softener

microline-ro-by-the-water-man-300x225If you demand performance, look no further. The San Antonio water softener Conditioner is such a strong performer that it is the industry standard. A water softener can dramatically extend the life of everything that your water flows through or goes to. Hard water from a well or municipal source clogs pipes with scale and reduces water pressure and over time the life of appliances, fixtures and surfaces. The body, hair, towels, clothing and dishes rinse cleaner with the improvement of a water conditioning and filtration system used to remove these unwanted substances. Using less detergent and soap helps keep it green, you lose less water from rinsing and re cleaning surfaces. Specific problems such as Iron stains can be resolved by an Iron-Handler that will soften and remove iron at the same time.

Our softeners and treatment systems can help protect your home’s piping system and water-using appliances by reducing hardness spotting and scaling. Specialized media are also available to target low pH and iron as well as off tastes, odours and high sediment. Our water softeners and treatment systems are installed at or very close to the point of entry (where water enters the home) and require electricity and a connection to the home’s drain system.

Good water is essential to your health and home. We use it for cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, and most importantly, drinking. This same water also runs through a household’s entire plumbing system and touches every water-using appliance. Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal supply, Water treatment systems can make it better. Our family-owned and operated business has been making water healthy for consumption since a long time. San Antonio water softener is one of the most trusted names in water treatment, and our solid reputation for solving the most complex and challenging water problems in residential, commercial and industrial environments is unprecedented.

Our innovative systems are manufactured in San Antonio and through our factory-trained dealer you are assured of getting the proper system, the right solution, to your particular water needs. Let us improve your water. Let us improve the quality of your life.