Bon Voyage RajasthanAmazing DiversityFabulous Forts

Bon Voyage Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the glorious land of bravery and heroism is the most dynamic part of India featuring majestic forts, magnificent palaces & serene lakes.

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Amazing Diversity

Rajasthan portrays an amazing diversity in all its forms. Visit Rajasthan and see some of the most incredible sites established in the Royal Era.

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Fabulous Forts

Travel to Rajasthan to enjoy its fabulous forts and life of the desert.

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South India

We also provide South India Tour which is also known as the Indian Dravida. It is the area that includes the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as the Union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry.

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Nepal is a great country. It is a country of great diversity and rich geography, culture and religions. The mountainous north has eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, including the highest, Sagarmatha, known in English as Everest.

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Holidays are meant to relax, to rejuvenate your energy and to spend quality time with your loved ones. It is very important to have the best tour operator for your travel plan, that has experience, infrastructure, commitment and is a true professional to plan your valuable vacation.

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Tailor Made Plans

Our tour packages cover the best places so that you can see the different aspects of Indian life. We feel we are the most experienced in providing you the full picture of Indian culture including desert life, wildlife, bird watching, monumental wonders and heritage of India.

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Key Places to Visit in the Holy Land

israel-jerusalem-dome-of-the-rockThe impact of Israel worldwide is surprisingly great. It is the origin of numerous belief systems and most religious groups base their belief on what is written in the compiled scriptures. For people with specific trusts, Just like one of my best friends who visited Holy Land many times as he is exotic cars lover.He said that it may be a dream to visit the Holy Land or country. The Bible was not basically a collection of stories. Most people regard it as part of history.

You can learn more about the Jewish culture when you visit the country. It does not matter what your religion is or what you trust in. you can experience a glimpse of globe history once you take a tour of country. Take your knowledge of history with you as you go to locations with names you only saw on books. See these destinations for yourself on an eight day tour filled with wonderful and fun opportunities for photographs and sightseeing.

The Holy land trip takes you on a journey that mixes the new and the old. You can find very old ruins and architecture. It may become simple to recognize locations if you are aware of the story of Bible. Here are some important locations you may visit on your tour.



In the Book of Revelation, this was the destination described as the place of the final battle of evil and good, Armageddon. You can go through archeological excavations in the region which contains a preserved water supply system. In history, the place has been the location for many memorable wars because of its strategic place.



This location has few of the oldest synagogues in the globe. A synagogue is a home for prayer for the Jews. You may just find ruins of the structures. These buildings are said to have been built in the fifth century. You can go on to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered his sermon.



One of the most famous places in the Bible, Jerusalem is also a location where key events in Jesus life transpired. Visit the modern-day and old Jerusalem then proceed to Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

Dead Sea

This is a famous lake because of its high salt content, which permits people to simply float. People consider it as one of the primary health resorts and guests come from different locations for healing. In one of the caves in the place the Dead Sea Scrolls, the earliest manuscripts of the Bible, were found.

Article Credit Goes To San Marcos Party Bus 

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San Antonio water softener

microline-ro-by-the-water-man-300x225If you demand performance, look no further. The San Antonio water softener Conditioner is such a strong performer that it is the industry standard. A water softener can dramatically extend the life of everything that your water flows through or goes to. Hard water from a well or municipal source clogs pipes with scale and reduces water pressure and over time the life of appliances, fixtures and surfaces. The body, hair, towels, clothing and dishes rinse cleaner with the improvement of a water conditioning and filtration system used to remove these unwanted substances. Using less detergent and soap helps keep it green, you lose less water from rinsing and re cleaning surfaces. Specific problems such as Iron stains can be resolved by an Iron-Handler that will soften and remove iron at the same time.

Our softeners and treatment systems can help protect your home’s piping system and water-using appliances by reducing hardness spotting and scaling. Specialized media are also available to target low pH and iron as well as off tastes, odours and high sediment. Our water softeners and treatment systems are installed at or very close to the point of entry (where water enters the home) and require electricity and a connection to the home’s drain system.

Good water is essential to your health and home. We use it for cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, and most importantly, drinking. This same water also runs through a household’s entire plumbing system and touches every water-using appliance. Whether your water comes from a private well or a municipal supply, Water treatment systems can make it better. Our family-owned and operated business has been making water healthy for consumption since a long time. San Antonio water softener is one of the most trusted names in water treatment, and our solid reputation for solving the most complex and challenging water problems in residential, commercial and industrial environments is unprecedented.

Our innovative systems are manufactured in San Antonio and through our factory-trained dealer you are assured of getting the proper system, the right solution, to your particular water needs. Let us improve your water. Let us improve the quality of your life.

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Traveling on a Tight Budget

The desire to travel does not really need to be those expensive destinations, but one can always have the option to choose those that would fit the budget. Travel may sound luxurious but in reality it can be simple and cheap, it just depends on how one finds ways to make it that way.

With so many possible travel destinations in the world, there is a very wide array to choose from. Each would be depending on the inclination of the traveler himself or herself. When looking for the cheapest travel destinations to go to, one can definitely rely on blogs. Nowadays, a lot of information can be readily accessible thru the internet and blogs. This way, travelers are able to share their experiences and even the reviews on the places to stay, most especially the cheap, affordable and worth it.

travel destinationSeveral destinations that could be considered cheap would be public beaches, parks and landmarks. There are a lot of public beaches everywhere that could offer a traveler a sanctuary. These beaches are also clean and nice, but one would want to avoid if it gets too crowded, especially during weekends. These kinds of beaches are quite similar to those of resorts, but just be prepared because other people would definitely have the chance to join you in the use of the place as it has no entrance fee. Some may only require beach bums to rent a cottage or even just tables and chairs. Another that can be considered with little budget are historical places or landmarks. Places like these have been rehabilitated and would just require an entrance fee as well. Visiting these kinds of places as well when traveling would give one a glimpse of the culture and heritage of the place. Budget can be worked on.

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Top 3 Things You Should Bring During Traveling

Are you planning on traveling locally or internationally? It is advisable to travel light or pack the only things that you are really going to use and do not over pack.  This means that you don’t have to carry your entire house and closet because you are going travel. And you do not want to pay for the extra weight of your luggage, do you? What are the top 3 most essential things you should never forget and you need to bring during traveling?

Money & Identification Cards/Wallet
Always bring your money and your IDs with you and place these 2 essential things inside your hand bag. This way, you would have an easy access to these things and you can simply hand it over if it is asked or needed during your trip. Take note that identification documents and money are very often needed during trips.

travel gadgetsGadgets & Devices
Your gadgets and devices are the second most important things in your travel. However, never put it inside your luggage if you do not want to crack the screen of you cellular phones or your laptops. You should put them inside a separate bag that you can carry around with you all the time.These gadgets are pretty sensitive and they could easily break once dropped or cramped with other hard things. You need to bring these things with you especially your mobile phones just in case you got lost in a foreign country you can still contact your friends and loved ones to collect you or turn your GPS on and track where you are and locate the hotel where you are staying and you have checked in.

Medicine & Toiletries
Never forget to bring medicines like pain killers with you because you will never know when your body will react differently. And if that happens you can easily take medications without going around asking for the nearest pharmacy or even asking other people’s help for this matter. It is also essential to bring toiletries even just a miniature version of them. Remember to think and act like a girl/boy scout and always stay alert because it is better to be well-prepared and secured than waiting and doing nothing when trouble arises and worse happen.

When you have all these things prepared, then you can ascertain to yourself that you are indeed ready to go. You can travel confidently without that disturbing feeling that you might get into trouble along the way because you have everything with you already.

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The Advantage of Getting Traveling Agency Services

Sometimes, planning a trip is not the easiest thing to do. It requires a certain amount of patience because it can really be time consuming and complicated. Scouting for the best travel deals online, for example, can often lead to exasperation since the internet does not always offer the best deals. There are even times when you are not sure where to go. If this is the case then you should definitely book a travel agent.

Travel agencies offer a wide range of services that can be very beneficial to travelers. Here are some of the advantages of using traveling agency services. These will probably convince you to use a travel agent on your next trip.

You Will Save Tremendous Amount of Time
Finding the best travel deals online can be such a pain. The internet is a complicated world and it takes heaps of patience and time to spot a good deal in less than 30 minutes. Whereas, if you use a travel agency, you can be sure that a travel agent can offer you the best deals there are.

travel agentA More Personalized Service
Having a travel agent to assist you guarantees you a better service. A travel agent can save you the task of researching about that ideal place for a perfect getaway. All you have to do is let your travel agent know what you have in mind (kid-friendly, historical, an island), so he can customize your trip for you. He certainly has knowledge about the perfect places to go.

The Perks & The Freebies Are Awesome!
A travel agent has the best connections in the traveling world. She may be able to give you free upgrades on your flights or discounted rates on local tour guide for example.

These are just very few benefits of having a travel agent. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of a travel agency on your next trip so you can truly enjoy that vacation.

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